Sunday, 13 May 2012

I miss taking photos, of friends, of flowers, generally of anything.
I miss that i seem to of stopped caring about myself as much, yes i have learnt to be stronger and not to take this shit that i used to... but i noticed the other day, i don't take pictures of myself any more.

Whats that all about, maybe I'm not as vain as i used to be or i just don't have time any more. When i was younger we used to take thousands of pictures together or of each other. The webcam was constantly out, snapping away taking silly pictures or tarting ourselves up so that boys would add us on bebo or msn.

I miss those days so much, they were simple and easy... the most you worried about was where you would get the vodka from on a Friday night after school. Life was a laugh, actually life was just easier even though at the time we never thought it was.

I miss having random parties, having stupid fights, rolling down hills, giggling at the thought of talking to "that boy you fancied". I miss day trips to no where special, i miss getting ready to go out on a Saturday night and knowing that i could get totally shit faced and not caring that I'd be hungover.

Generally, i miss my real teen years, that point between turning 14 and 18 because they were the fun times.

Don't get me wrong, i love having a job which brings in a semi decent wage, i like where my life is now but i do miss the days of having a great big group of friends. Oh yeah they'd stab you in the back and call you a bitch the second you put a toe out of line, but damn those friends would defend you, they'd be there for a good bitch and they'd be there at 9am to run to the girls toilets and slap on a load more makeup. It was fun, it taught me a lot about friendship... also taught me a lot about back stabbing, hateful bitches but well thats not something you dwell on its just something that you take with you. Its the reason i can be a very loyal friend.

I just miss getting drunk on Redsqaure, i miss wearing boot cut jeans, i miss having sleepovers and hiding the vodka bottles under the bed, most of all... i miss having fun.

Growing up sucks, turning 21 will suck more.
End of rant.

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