Sunday, 13 May 2012

  Also, these are my musings from today.


I think this is beautiful, such a sweet moment between two people. I love the way that they are intertwined with each other just chilling on the stairs with a brew.
How sweet.

I need this jar, however i need money to put in the jar and well that is going a bit thin at the moment considering I've just paid for a holiday and I'm learning to drive. Plus the below image takes most of my next months wage with it.

 Hair extensions, yes i have decided im going to have weave done because im fed up on clip ins. Ive worn clip in extensions since i was 14 and i know them in and out... they are not effective for thick hair which is one down fall.

The others go on to long and i can see my stupid laptop battery dying as i type.
But to sum up, im having weave long brown extensions that i can FUCKING CURL!!

Starbucks, i havent had one for so long. Partly because i cant drink coffee due to my silly sensitive stomache. I just love the cup, its so pretty and cute.
I want one, i'll have to put hot chocolate or chamomile tea in it.

The end.

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