Sunday, 10 June 2012

Well i have been a busy little bee recently so haven't posted for a while, clearly i have shopped too much.
Here's my impressive haul from this week... no wonder i have no money!

 I  love tiny Benefit samples, i think the prices are ridiculous for the product so i will only buy small ones off eBay now.. they do the same sodding job and they all fit in my over crowded makeup bag!
Max Factor powder - thank god that's back in the bag
Barry M lippy and nail varnish.
New Powder brush from Superdrug, my Benefit one has seen better days but then again it was bought about four years ago.
Moisturiser - Garnier day (obvs) and Nivea night time. Unfortunately i couldn't afford both Garnier day and night because its over £10 for both, so i was a good girl and used my head, the Nivea only cost about £3 anyway. 
Lets just hope my skin likes it.

 Leggings are from eBay and snake print flats are from primark - you cant see the chain print leggings in this but they're primark too. The shorts are a ballache - tag says small - rest of them says 16 to 18, not impressed because they look so comfy.
 Who'd of 'thunk it... combs from primark for £1 - yes please thank you very much. Some new shamp and conditioner, i need something to gently strip all the product thats clogging my poor hair.
Also my favourite exfoliater Sugar Scrub - i could trust Garnier with my life i buy that many of their products.
Hair shine spray to help my new hair extensions stay shiny and sweet.

 New hair bands, thought these might be suitable for my holiday this year - the blue one is adorable.
'SOME' earrings - Vivienne Westwood earrings, gold and pink skulls, feathers (i have a strange thing for feathers i have millions that i never wear) and blue and gold diamond ones,  my snake cuff is the best thing in my life currently i love it. Also, some cute hair bow slides to keep my hair out of my face.
And last but not least - Marie Claire.

Now i may have to sell some of my more expensive things to make up for the loss of money.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

 Chloe Green's collection for Topshop is stunning, i especially like the studded heels and the wedges they're simply beautiful, seriously the green sole is just so simple and fresh.
Majorly recommend taking a look.

This is how i feel today;

These are what i want.
This is what i need.
This is where i want to be.
 This is the only logic in my life.

I like sorting my day into pictures, its simple and descriptive.

Today was ok to be honest, work was generally hilarious but my mind is elsewhere currently and i cannot wait to go on holiday and just lie in the red hot sun with my bikini on been proud of my body whilst watching some chunky fuckers roam around in bad one pieces. I want some romance today, I'm feeling slightly broody and hormonal but fuck me that's pretty normal for me.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

  Also, these are my musings from today.


I think this is beautiful, such a sweet moment between two people. I love the way that they are intertwined with each other just chilling on the stairs with a brew.
How sweet.

I need this jar, however i need money to put in the jar and well that is going a bit thin at the moment considering I've just paid for a holiday and I'm learning to drive. Plus the below image takes most of my next months wage with it.

 Hair extensions, yes i have decided im going to have weave done because im fed up on clip ins. Ive worn clip in extensions since i was 14 and i know them in and out... they are not effective for thick hair which is one down fall.

The others go on to long and i can see my stupid laptop battery dying as i type.
But to sum up, im having weave long brown extensions that i can FUCKING CURL!!

Starbucks, i havent had one for so long. Partly because i cant drink coffee due to my silly sensitive stomache. I just love the cup, its so pretty and cute.
I want one, i'll have to put hot chocolate or chamomile tea in it.

The end.
I miss taking photos, of friends, of flowers, generally of anything.
I miss that i seem to of stopped caring about myself as much, yes i have learnt to be stronger and not to take this shit that i used to... but i noticed the other day, i don't take pictures of myself any more.

Whats that all about, maybe I'm not as vain as i used to be or i just don't have time any more. When i was younger we used to take thousands of pictures together or of each other. The webcam was constantly out, snapping away taking silly pictures or tarting ourselves up so that boys would add us on bebo or msn.

I miss those days so much, they were simple and easy... the most you worried about was where you would get the vodka from on a Friday night after school. Life was a laugh, actually life was just easier even though at the time we never thought it was.

I miss having random parties, having stupid fights, rolling down hills, giggling at the thought of talking to "that boy you fancied". I miss day trips to no where special, i miss getting ready to go out on a Saturday night and knowing that i could get totally shit faced and not caring that I'd be hungover.

Generally, i miss my real teen years, that point between turning 14 and 18 because they were the fun times.

Don't get me wrong, i love having a job which brings in a semi decent wage, i like where my life is now but i do miss the days of having a great big group of friends. Oh yeah they'd stab you in the back and call you a bitch the second you put a toe out of line, but damn those friends would defend you, they'd be there for a good bitch and they'd be there at 9am to run to the girls toilets and slap on a load more makeup. It was fun, it taught me a lot about friendship... also taught me a lot about back stabbing, hateful bitches but well thats not something you dwell on its just something that you take with you. Its the reason i can be a very loyal friend.

I just miss getting drunk on Redsqaure, i miss wearing boot cut jeans, i miss having sleepovers and hiding the vodka bottles under the bed, most of all... i miss having fun.

Growing up sucks, turning 21 will suck more.
End of rant.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Feb - late posting

So i haven't posted for a while.
As you can see, i am in love with my beautiful clutch its wonderful.
Excuse my white face also, I'm not keen on the idea of tanning it yet but i must admit i am pretty damn tanned here which makes me happy..Laurens Way tan is possibly the best thing i have used so far. I dont have a bad word to say about it, im not streaky or orange or blotchy, it doesnt smell or have any nasty side effetcs like drying out your skin.
Will be buying this stuff in bulk!!

Me and Lauren on a night out in Winsford Feb 2012

I has my holiday booked for June, excited much? Needing a bit of sun, sea and cosmo's, tbh i just cant wait to get away and relax and only have to think about what i want to eat for my tea.
Anyway im to pissed off to be bothered with anything interesting, i might post more friendly things at a later date..

Ciao x

Thursday, 12 January 2012

New clutch bag

So beautiful, i would of course rather have a real one but until i get a job that pays me a billion pound a year i think i will have to settle with a look-a-like bag. Mind you, most people where i live wouldn't have a bloody clue what it actually is.

EBAY - oops.

Dear lord, eBay is my best friend and my worst enemy at the same time.
Skirt for work, new McQueen look-a-like clutch bag, and then found a nice seller with a lot of Japanese clothing that's super cute in kind of cheap.

Bugger, i'ma be soooooo skint and i have two weeks until next pay day at the end of the month.

However i am excited to go and pay a bit for my holiday to Turkey soon.
Which also means, HOLIDAY SHOPPING.

Ciao x

Moschino Belt

Remind me, I MUST get a Moschino belt on pay day.
No ifs, no buts... just Moschino.

I love all the different ways that you can wear them.
Look book gives you some damn brilliant ideas, i must spend half of my life trawling through the thing looking at peoples ideas and different styles.

But im meant to be at work, not blogging.


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Years Eve

Oh yerrr, i almost forgot.

New Years 2011 was brilliant,


Well  it's 2012.
And everything is just the same as 2011..apart from the fact I have a virus which is nothing new.

Work is getting a little harder, I seem to be making a mess of things currently because my head is so far up my ass! I do however need to do some shopping, I'm excited that the new spring collections and looks are out and about. Also cant wait to go and book my holiday to Turkey with Christopher, oh the sun, the sea and the huge cosmopolitan's yum yum yum. Just thinking about some time away is making me feel a little better.

I start working Saturdays this week, fml but it is extra dolllarrrr and i need as much as i can get at the mo.

Me and the mister went shopping the t'other weekend at IKEA, ahh i could spend all day in that place. Seriously my favourite place for room ideas, especially kitchen and bedroom plans. We got a whole bunch of pillows for my bed, some white curtains and a very snugly (currently curled up in) blanket. The poor boy can't stand the place but i go in and suddenly turn into a whirl wind of "we could do this, we could get that.. oooh isn't that nice", he sort of nods at the right places and makes encouraging "mmm, yeah ok babe" noises haha! We also then got stuck on the M6 on the way home, which he wasn't a fan of but we had a laugh.

I miss him a lot, he spent every day and night with me after Christmas day and now we've both gone back to work i feel like a bit of me is missing, the other night i put my arm out in bed (i usually do this and put my hand against the underside of his neck) and he bloody wasn't there the little git! So making the most of our weekends together is the best at the moment.

Were still looking at houses at the mo too, but working in the field shows how hard it is to rent a property unless you have some money behind you or your dossing on the poor tax payers. I want a nice little two bed semi detached or a terrace house, they're rather easy to come across for about £400 - £600pcm but then having to pay council tax, household bills, petrol, food and blah blah we have no hope. So that's where it comes into re-doing my bedroom so that we have a nice little pad to be in.

Anyway I've nattered enough in random spirals.
I'll leave you with one of my early morning thoughts though - 3am i couldn't sleep and thought about the age old counting sheep idea. Yeah good plan, but then i start to think about:
  • Where the sheep come from and what kind of sheep they are
  • What are they jumping over - its always a horse jump for some reason
  • Where are they buggering off to out of the corner of my head.
See, absolute madness.
Ciao x