Monday, 13 February 2012

Feb - late posting

So i haven't posted for a while.
As you can see, i am in love with my beautiful clutch its wonderful.
Excuse my white face also, I'm not keen on the idea of tanning it yet but i must admit i am pretty damn tanned here which makes me happy..Laurens Way tan is possibly the best thing i have used so far. I dont have a bad word to say about it, im not streaky or orange or blotchy, it doesnt smell or have any nasty side effetcs like drying out your skin.
Will be buying this stuff in bulk!!

Me and Lauren on a night out in Winsford Feb 2012

I has my holiday booked for June, excited much? Needing a bit of sun, sea and cosmo's, tbh i just cant wait to get away and relax and only have to think about what i want to eat for my tea.
Anyway im to pissed off to be bothered with anything interesting, i might post more friendly things at a later date..

Ciao x

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