Thursday, 12 January 2012

New clutch bag

So beautiful, i would of course rather have a real one but until i get a job that pays me a billion pound a year i think i will have to settle with a look-a-like bag. Mind you, most people where i live wouldn't have a bloody clue what it actually is.

EBAY - oops.

Dear lord, eBay is my best friend and my worst enemy at the same time.
Skirt for work, new McQueen look-a-like clutch bag, and then found a nice seller with a lot of Japanese clothing that's super cute in kind of cheap.

Bugger, i'ma be soooooo skint and i have two weeks until next pay day at the end of the month.

However i am excited to go and pay a bit for my holiday to Turkey soon.
Which also means, HOLIDAY SHOPPING.

Ciao x

Moschino Belt

Remind me, I MUST get a Moschino belt on pay day.
No ifs, no buts... just Moschino.

I love all the different ways that you can wear them.
Look book gives you some damn brilliant ideas, i must spend half of my life trawling through the thing looking at peoples ideas and different styles.

But im meant to be at work, not blogging.


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Years Eve

Oh yerrr, i almost forgot.

New Years 2011 was brilliant,


Well  it's 2012.
And everything is just the same as 2011..apart from the fact I have a virus which is nothing new.

Work is getting a little harder, I seem to be making a mess of things currently because my head is so far up my ass! I do however need to do some shopping, I'm excited that the new spring collections and looks are out and about. Also cant wait to go and book my holiday to Turkey with Christopher, oh the sun, the sea and the huge cosmopolitan's yum yum yum. Just thinking about some time away is making me feel a little better.

I start working Saturdays this week, fml but it is extra dolllarrrr and i need as much as i can get at the mo.

Me and the mister went shopping the t'other weekend at IKEA, ahh i could spend all day in that place. Seriously my favourite place for room ideas, especially kitchen and bedroom plans. We got a whole bunch of pillows for my bed, some white curtains and a very snugly (currently curled up in) blanket. The poor boy can't stand the place but i go in and suddenly turn into a whirl wind of "we could do this, we could get that.. oooh isn't that nice", he sort of nods at the right places and makes encouraging "mmm, yeah ok babe" noises haha! We also then got stuck on the M6 on the way home, which he wasn't a fan of but we had a laugh.

I miss him a lot, he spent every day and night with me after Christmas day and now we've both gone back to work i feel like a bit of me is missing, the other night i put my arm out in bed (i usually do this and put my hand against the underside of his neck) and he bloody wasn't there the little git! So making the most of our weekends together is the best at the moment.

Were still looking at houses at the mo too, but working in the field shows how hard it is to rent a property unless you have some money behind you or your dossing on the poor tax payers. I want a nice little two bed semi detached or a terrace house, they're rather easy to come across for about £400 - £600pcm but then having to pay council tax, household bills, petrol, food and blah blah we have no hope. So that's where it comes into re-doing my bedroom so that we have a nice little pad to be in.

Anyway I've nattered enough in random spirals.
I'll leave you with one of my early morning thoughts though - 3am i couldn't sleep and thought about the age old counting sheep idea. Yeah good plan, but then i start to think about:
  • Where the sheep come from and what kind of sheep they are
  • What are they jumping over - its always a horse jump for some reason
  • Where are they buggering off to out of the corner of my head.
See, absolute madness.
Ciao x