Monday, 19 December 2011


Work went nice and quick today, thank god! Four more days until i have a bit of time off, looking forward to not having to get up early on Monday morning and just staying in bed with the fella.
Had a really nice meal out with Chris and his family tonight, yummy chilli pasta with olives mmm' scrummy!
I also have my falsies on that the best friend made me, love them but im rather heavy handed so keep pinging them off.. I'm awful with them to be honest but hey ho.

Looking forward to New Years, new outlook (like every other fucking year) and new wardrobe starting Feb.
Finish learning to drive, take theory test and buy a car blah blah... yeah they'll go down on my resolutions this year, along with put away a deposit to rent a house and gut my room.

I'll try and get a picture of my nails on later, they're very pretty.

Ciao x

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